Gramofón SME Model 15

Gramofón SME Model 15

Stredná trieda gramofónu SME - Model medzi SME 10 a SME 20/3

V cene nie je započítaná cena ramena, ale SME zíkladna (arm plate je v cene)

Kompatibilita s 9 inch a 10 inch ramenami SME

Motor: 8 pólová neodymium magnet motor

Otáčky: 33,3 + 45 + 78 RPM (+/- 0,01%)

Rozmery: 428 x 378 x 176 mm

Váha: 18,5 kg


Cena: 9990 €

... pravdepodobne najlepšie gramofónové ramená na svete ...


1946 - The Scale Model Equipment Company. The company is formed to manufacture scale models and detail parts for the model engineering trade

1960 - Aircraft Instruments & Business Machines. A move away from model making to precision engineering. 

1959 - Alastair Robertson-Aikman. The company's founder required a pick-up arm for his own use and an experimental model was built

1959 - SME Precision Pick-Up Arms. After receiving an enthusiastic reception from friends in the sound industry it was decided to produce pick-up arms

1959 - Production of 25 Units a Week. Composed entirely of individually machined components

1959 - New Factory Location Opened in Steyning. Company's name was changed to SME Limited, a less committal title to suit its new activities

1992 - Accredited to BS EN ISO 9001. Quality assurance system is formally accredited

2000 - Full In-house Services. Facilities commence with design and toolmaking through all aspects of manufacturing including CNC machining, pressure die-casting, injection moulding, metal finishing, electro-plating, anodising and many other processes

2015 - High Quality Precision Engineering. SME has over 60 years experience and is now probably the largest and best equipped company in the world devoted to the manufacture of precision pick-up arms and turntables

2015 - Present Manufacturing Programme. Current product range consists of six precision turntables and twelve standard pick-up arms which together with special models are suitable for a very wide range of applications

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British Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic
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