Integrovaný zosilňovač Sugden A-21SE Signature

Integrovaný zosilňovač Sugden A-21SE Signature
  • Výstupný výkon: 2 x 30 Watt @ 8 Ohm - Trieda "A"
  • Výstupný výkon: 2 x 40 Watt @ 4 Ohm - Trieda "A"
  • Pomer signál/šum: väčší, ako 90dB
  • Frekvenčná charakteristika: 6Hz - 28 kHz (+0, –0.1dB)
  • Vstupy: 5 x Line RCA 110mV
  • Výstupy: 1 x Line RCA úroveň 775mV, 1 x Line reglovaný (predzosilňovač)
  • Rozmery: 430 * 360 * 115 mm
  • Váha: 15 kg
Cena: 2990 €

The company was founded by James Edward Sugden in 1967, a  division of Research Electronics. Research Electronics manufactured scientific instruments and test equipment, designed by James Sugden, for Universities. The A21 was the first amplifier to be put into production and was originally branded for a well known local loudspeaker company called Richard Allan. In 1981 production was relocated to our current factory in Heckmondwike, a short distance from where it all began. Today we still manufacture in the same tradition with each Sugden product being handmade by a single highly skilled team member. Six employees have been with the company for over thirty years enjoying a life-long career. Our involvement in the full manufacturing process still exists from design to despatch. We operate our own custom engineering shop and assembly, screen printing and a cabinet making facility for loudspeakers. Sugden products are a truly handmade quality British product.


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British Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic
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